Interdisciplinary Project Planning

For many teachers moving away from the traditional approach of teaching, to a Project-Based learning classroom can be daunting. Tackling the demands of students’ needs, administrative requests and standardized testing can be difficult but planning as a team can really meet all the needs. This professional development course team builds through curriculum design and project-based strategies for learning and collaboration. This course is best suited for Secondary Education (Grade 6-12)

Project-Based Learning Through Screens

2020 has catapulted many teachers into a rough sea without a life preserver. This professional development will give teachers strategies to work with students while teaching through various online platforms. Project-Based Learning can be a solution to both engage students but bring excitement for both teachers and students.

Positive Discipline in the Classroom

We all have our triggers and buttons. Some students have the very talented ability to push all the buttons and ding all the triggers. This professional development helps administrators and teachers to find a way to manage the classroom peacefully and with positive redirection. 

Cultural Responsiveness

Cultural Responsiveness

Having a firm understanding of students’ cultural background will help them to thrive in the classroom. Culturally Responsive Teaching (CRT) fosters and engages learners to feel that they are respected and a part of their learning communities. Ultimately, CRT is the most impactful form of teaching to close the gap in learning.