Harry Potter: Making Spells

Most of our students love Harry Potter. Hence, we thought why wouldn’t they love a Harry Potter writing class. Harry Potter is not only extremley creative but everything about Harry Potter is surrounded with spells. That is why we will improve our creative writing by creating spells. We will present our speis and present what we find would perfectly match with Harry Potter. Of course, all our students can be wear their favorite Harry Potter costumes.


Students will work on their creative writing skills by inventing new spells to use at Hogwarts. The spells will cover synonyms and antonyms. By being creative, the students will gain a clear understanding of the power of words and how they convey meaning. Our final project will be to invent a spell. Throughout that project, we will not only improve our knowledge in Language Arts but also strengthen our organizational skills and improve our creativity. Then we’ll finish with a short, rhyming poem about one of the spells, describing it with humor. At the end of the class, we’ll share our spells with each other and get a “Hogwarts Writer” certificate! Topics covered: Synonyms and antonyms Organization Rhyming words Handwriting Writing poetry Presenting our work

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One-on-One Session, Group classes (3/week)