We love Nouns!

Sometimes our kids need a little refresher of the English grammar. Here, we will cover one of our favorite topics: NOUNS. Every child, from lower elementary to middle school has to refresh their memory on what nouns really are. This one time class will give the students a broad overview of what nouns are and how we use them.


  • What is a Noun?
  • Common Nouns that we use every day
  • What are Proper Nouns?
  • Types of basic Pronouns.

We will learn in class about Nouns through games, songs and flashcards. This will help the students to remember what nouns are and which concepts are behind that. It will make it easier for them to understand and remember. We will spend the first part in class about learning the different types of nouns and in the second part we will be reviewing the information and applying it in context. We will perform quizzes on what they learned to make sure they fully understand the information provided.

Additional information

Class Type

One-on-One Session, Group classes (3/week)