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Colossal Academy offers live engaging classes from independent creative teachers, talented artists and musicians, trained psychologists, speech and language pathologists, math wizards, science gurus, and everything in between. If you want to speak with us right away, Call us now , you can also ask all your queries by filling this form, we will contact you soon.

General Questions


How does Colossal Academy work?

Colossal Academy features all kinds of online classes for your kids – from core academics to enrichment. However, all our classes are based on project based learning and Montessori enrichment. Classes focus on learning without realizing it, and having fun doing it. All teachers are specialists in their subject area and are going through testing before being able to teach on our platform.

How do our classes work?

Most of our classes are online live classes. The classes have a set meeting time and students will receive an email and text message reminder before classes are starting. All our parents will receive information about our teachers and how the classes are scheduled beforehand.

Are my kids safe with you?

Safety is our top priority. We manually screen teachers and classes. We background check our teachers via a SSN background check and criminal record check. We screen teachers for their background and teaching experience plus we make sure that every teacher has the right mindset and expertise in his/her subject area.

What kind of online safety practices do you consider?

Colossal Academy’s classes are open to children from 3 years old to 18 years of age (except our specific courses for parents). Our teachers have to record all live classes for improvement and coaching. Parents are welcome to take pictures and videos to improve their own learners’ participation in class, however, it is never ok to capture or share other learners’ faces or names to anyone. We take our learners and teachers’ privacy very seriously and we will never share any class recording outside of our school, might it be for marketing reasons or any other reasons.

What kind of vetting do you do when hiring teachers?

Our teachers come from all over the world. However, all of them are vetted in the same way. This is done through telephone interviews, background check and reviewing the teachers’ classes. We do not attend all classes, but will attend sporadically classes for review. Additionally, we offer a review system for our parents to share their experience and the students’ experience of that teacher and the classroom. If you do find class material that does not adhere to our standards, please send us an email to

What technology do I need to use for your classes?

The student will need a device with a microphone and a webcam. Most laptops or computers and tablets have a built-in camera and microphone. If you are registering more than one child, each child needs to have their own device.

What is your refund policy?

Classes can be refunded in full up to one week before classes are starting.

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