Together We are the Architects of Future Education! 

 21st Century Learning For 21st Century Kids!

The Future is Bright! 

In the face of rapid change, Colossal Academy educators work with students to build 21st Century skills through academically challenging lessons and courses. Colossal Academy integrates Cultural Responsiveness, Social-Emotional Learning, Cyber Citizenship, problem-solving, analytical, creative, and critical thinking. Through group courses, students craft their collaboration and communication skills. Students today- our children- need a firm grip on a skill set that will allow them to be equipped for an unknown future. 

Let us be your beacon of light to a bright future!

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Thirty years ago it was impossible to imagine smartphones, mp3 players, and commercial-free TV let alone caller ID. Twenty years into the 21st Century we have a better understanding of the underlining skills needed in education that will prepare students for the future and careers that are not even dreamed of or created yet.

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Personalized Approach

We understand the need of every student and try to teach while taking every aspect of learning into account.

Efficient Online Learning

Providing an efficient way to strengthen the learning curve of the students, while giving them an opportunity to learn amazing courses and additional curriculum from the comfort of their home.


Create a world where students are inspired to learn, create, participate and contribute in their communities in meaningful ways.

Empowering students to excel as life-long learners.



Efficient Learning

Colossal Academy- 21st-Century Education for 21st-Century Kids

Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission:

To teach 21st-Century education that brings together relevant academic skills in a new way. Colossal Academy places the student at the center of their learning whereby teachers teach to the student and not the test utilizing modern techniques and intersectionality of best practices and through a student-centered curriculum in a safe and student empowered learning environment. 

Our Vision: 

A world where every student is inspired to learn, create, participate, navigate, and discern truths ultimately for meaningful community contributions.

Core values: Student Advocacy, Commitment to Student Learning, Integrity, Passion, Inclusion, Diversity of thought, Equity

21st-Century Kids

Colossal Academy is a great way of learning. The teachers are awesome and they really enjoy working with kids. They have done an amazing job in teaching my kids German as a native language. They have acquired more and more grammar, reading and writing skills since we started the course with her. Everything is matched according to the kids skills and needs. 

Tamara, Mother of two students

Kindergarten & 2nd grade

Colossal Academy provides a fantastic learning experience! Reenie is simply the best at what she does and will make sure your kids receive the educational tools they need to succeed.

Max Fam


My son and I had the great opportunity to have Ms. Shiren as a teacher, here in Mexico City!  My son not only enjoyed her classes but she motivated him in so many ways–not  many teachers do. To this day he remembers the fun he had in her classroom- I most certainly recommend her and Colossal Academy!


Kathy Robles


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