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Colossal Academy is a progressive micro-school and homeschool learning center with a small size of 10-15 middle school students. The focus of Colossal Academy is on providing 21st Century skills through experiential learning. The focus of the academic center is to align students with their greater selves through problem-solving, communication, collaboration, teamwork, creativity, and a growth mindset. Each week students are exposed to real-world and practical applications of their learning. An example of the practical with the theory is the uniting physics and laws of motion and surf lessons.

Cultural Responsiveness

At Colossal Academy, the aim is to make meaningful and engaging classroom time. Students are directly involved in the learning outcomes through project-based learning. At Colossal Academy, we respect the individual’s intrinsic motivation and find avenues of interest to link to stand learning with their interests. In an empowering and gentle way, students gain self-confidence and ultimately unite the home, community, and academic life into one.

It is important for adolescents to be given responsibility in order to gain more autonomy. At Colossal Academy, students practice practical life skills as a part of their everyday routine. Students are responsible for keeping their learning environment tidy and granted the opportunity to build, sew, cook, clean, and find ways to explore their unique interests, whatever they may be. Through gentle guidance, students gain self-confidence and ultimately unite the home, community, and academic life into one.

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Personalized Approach

We understand the need of every student and try to teach while taking every aspect of learning into account.

Efficient Online Learning

Providing an efficient way to strengthen the learning curve of the students, while giving them an opportunity to learn amazing courses and additional curriculum from the comfort of their home.


Create a world where students are inspired to learn, create, participate and contribute in their communities in meaningful ways.



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Colossal Academy is a progressive micro school with international educators that utilize project based learning and IB based curriculum🌟
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Thanks @surfskatescience for bringing Marine Science Series to us. We learned so much today! The more exposure we get experts the better! The future is bright!! #microschool #hybridlearning #marinebiology #thefutureisbright #respecttheocean #digitalfieldtrip #colossalacademy @colossalcommunity ...

Happy Diwali to our families across the globe! #allone #celebration #lightoverdarkness ...

Our Favorite Montessori Art teacher @artwithmskrystle will be having some enriching classes during break. If you’re interested email. #montessoriactivity #thanksgiving #microschool ...

Freedom is a practice and that practice is dependent upon the way we engage with education ✨
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The outdoor classroom gave a perfect opportunity to explore and reconnect with nature. Nature-based learning engages the senses and also gives us all a break from being on a screen. The future is bright! #microschool #homeschoolfieldtrip #teachingfromhome #outdoorclassroom #thefutureisbright #physicaleducation #tarzankids ...

Artist Yaacov Agam, is known for his "kinetic" works that involve movement and viewer participation. The students used two or more different abstract designs on a zigzagged panel. This way the viewer was able to see one image when the work was viewed from one angle and an entirely different image when the work was viewed from another angle.
Agamographs are a set of images that change at different angles. We were able to integrate art, math and design with the students. This kind of art in part of the kinetic art movement pioneered by Yaacov Agam. #microschool #teachingfromhome #montessoriart #homeschool #engagingcontent #soflo #projectbasedlearning #hybridlearning #blendedlearning #coop #21stcenturyskills

#teaching is about creating a space where students want to engage with the content, it’s truly an #art form for connection

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Today during my daughter’s swim lessons we got rained out and under a banister. While we were there I heard a young man (middle school aged) make a remark to another young man that his comments were transphobic. Then the boy responded, “you know what, man, I think you’re right. My bad!” The Future is Bright! #thefutureisbright #youthcanmovetheworld ...

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